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You Choose The News 4-10-17


Man Gets A Ticket For Not Putting A Leash On His Snake

Jerry Kimball was minding his own business when he let his his four-month old Fire Bee Ball Python take a bathroom break in the grass at South Dakota's Falls Park. According to animal control, he was breaking the law.

Kimball was given a $190-ticket for "animals running at large." “It was April Fool’s Day, so I thought he was playing a joke,” the snake owner explains. “They’re not fast creatures. They’re not going to run away.”

He says he was told by the animal control officer to put a leash on his snake, which Kimball points out doesn't make much sense. While Animal Control Supervisor Julie DeJong agrees a leash is pretty silly, she does think Kimball should consider some people may be afraid of snakes. To Kimball, that's all the more reason to take his pet outside. “That’s my purpose in life: To let people know that snakes aren’t killers,” he adds. “What better way to give back than to help people understand these misunderstood creatures.”

Source: Argus Leader


Man Goes All Expenses Paid Vacation With Strangers

9 friends were going on vacation in Spain when their friend, Joe McGrath, had to back out. Instead of letting the ticket go to waste they looked on Facebook to find someone with the same name. They were able to find another Joe who at first thought it was a prank. He eventually decided to join the strangers on their  vacation. After having a great time on the trip, Joe now considers these strangers good friends. (nymag)


I85 Bridge Collapse Could Earn You Money

With the I-85 bridge collapse…you may want to start thinking about a commuting option. Not only will it help with congestion on our roadways until they can repair I-85…it can also earn you money! Up to $450, as a matter of fact! Drivers who currently ride alone to and from their workplace are now eligible to earn $5 per day if they switch to a clean commute option such as carpooling, riding public transit or bicycling.

You have to live in one of the participating counties to earn up to $150 over a 90-day period. To sign up for this program, you’ll need to create a profile with Georgia Commute Options. If you’ll be driving, you can find a carpool partner using their database. Just click here

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