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Two Georgia Officers Fired After Videos Of Traffic Stop Shows Assault

Two Gwinnett County, Georgia police officers are out of a job after multiple videos show their alleged assault of a motorist.

Master Police Officer Robert McDonald came to assist a supervisor Sgt. M.F. Bongiovanni with a traffic stop. Upon arrival, video shows McDonald pulling driver Demetrius Hollins from his vehicle and stomping on his head as he lay handcuffed on the ground.

A second video came to light late yesterday that shows Bongiovanni punching Hollins in the head even though the man had his hands up. This happened before the other officer's arrival.

“What I viewed last night was disturbing to me and disturbing to others,” Gwinnett County Police Chief Butch Ayers said at a news conference. “What happened last night involving the officer last night was embarrassing to the Gwinnett County Police and other law enforcement.”

Both officers were quickly fired and could be facing charges.

We would like to commend the way the Gwinnett Police department has handled the situation. We also like to remind everyone that a few bad apples don't represent the whole bunch.  

*** WARNING: The following videos contain violence and could be disturbing to some viewers

Source: USA Today / WSBTV

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