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Producer Freckles

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Get Ready In A Flash

Kitchen Series

Maybe you overslept, or get a last-minute invitation to brunch, or your new crush calls and says they’re near your neighborhood – we’ve all had to get ready in five minutes at some point. And it’s not easy to cram what normally takes forty minutes into just five, but it can be done. Even if you’re not running late, these tips can help save time and get you ready faster.

Pick out your outfit the night before - Sure, it’s an obvious solution, but it really helps. When you’re already rushing to get out the door, you don’t have time to be searching your closet for something to wear. Picking it out the night before gives you time for ironing too, so you can be wrinkle-free and on time.

Play two ‘get ready’ songs - The music will motivate you and you can gauge how much time you have left by the songs. It’s way more fun than setting a five-minute alarm.

Skip the shower and use wipes instead - Invest in some good grown-up wipes that don’t have harsh chemicals in them, so when you don’t have time for a shower you use them and don’t have to spend the day stinky.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase - They’re supposed to be better for your hair, apparently the cotton ones we’ve been using are stealing the moisture from our strands and making it frizzy. Using a silk pillowcase should save you time fixing your hair.

Use a lip-cheek tint - You only have five minutes, so you can’t do a full face of makeup. But you can add some color to your complexion with a lip-cheek tint. Hit your cheeks and your pucker with the product and you’re good to go.

Source: Verily Magazine

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