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Modern Romance (Hold The Candles & Long Walks)

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These days, romance doesn’t just mean fancy candlelight dinners. Getting dressed up for a night out can be romantic, but it’s more fun when you get creative and do what you both really love to do together. Here are some unconventional ways to spend time with your sweetie and turn up the romance.

Work on a manual labor project - Roll up your sleeves and finally clean out the garage or build that bookshelf you’ve been wanting. Sweating while you work together on something tangible is totally romantic and you’ll have a physical reminder of what you can accomplish as a couple.

Volunteer - Offering your time to a cause in the community you care about can help them while it boosts emotional growth. You get to give back to something you believe in and see each other in a different way. Win-win.

Learn a skill together - Could be cooking, kayaking, or yoga, but pushing yourselves to grow as individuals and learn something new can ignite some romance too. So take a lesson, a class, or find a new hobby and your relationship will be better for it.

Show up for the small things - If something is a big deal to your S.O., make time for it in your life. If he takes up painting, be his model. If he’s into rock collecting, go with him to the exhibit at the museum. Show your support for the things your partner cares about and you’ll feel closer and be appreciated.

Take time to get to know their people - Make an effort to get to know your partner’s friends and family, with or without them there. It’ll show how much your care about him and will make you feel closer and that’s what it’s all about.

Source: Elite Daily

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