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Producer Freckles

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You Choose The News 4-20-17


Pro Tennis Match Interrupted By Loud Sex

Who says tennis is boring? At least two people were really enjoying themselves during the Sarasota Open in Florida and everyone watching the match could hear it. At first, the announcer thought it was an adult video being played on someone's phone. 

Eventually it became clear it was a couple having loud sex in an apartment nearby. Frances Tiafoe, one of the players, commented - yelling from the court "it can't be that good!"

As the noise continues, the announcer then confirmed what was happening and offered, "At least someone's having a good night."

Source: Associated Press


There Is A Right Way And Wrong Way To Eat Pringles

Makers of Pringles say that how you eat the chip can affect the flavor, since only one side of a Pringle is actually flavored. They admit that the flavor can rub off from chip to chip, but the flavor on the sides tend to be uneven for this reason.

So, in order to maximum the Pringles' flavor, the company says folks should nibble on their Pringle with the convex side facing up, meaning when you’re eating it the center sides should be high as tips fall down. If you eat it with the concave side up, you won’t be getting as much flavor since it doesn’t get the direct seasoning.

Source: The Daily Mail



The members of Girl Scout Troop 6000 in Queens, New York, all earned their first merit badges before even putting on their uniforms – by surviving life in one of the city’s homeless shelters.

The troop, which was established as part of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign to provide better services for the city’s 24,000 homeless children, includes 21 girls, ranging in age from 7 to 14.

14-year-old Hailey, one of the scouts, tells the New York Times, "We're starting a chain reaction. Hopefully, in the next couple years, there will be more Girl Scout troops in shelters."

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