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Even if you’re already drinking plenty of water and have a top-notch skincare routine, there are still some tweaks to your diet that could help you get the glowing skin you want. Here are a few things to add to your diet to make your complexion more luminous, and a few to avoid to keep it that way.

Foods to try:

  • Pomegranate - They’re full of antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories, so these are ideal for radiant skin.
  • Citrus fruits - Lemons and oranges are packed with vitamin C, which “keeps skin firm and fights free radicals.” It might also help boost collagen production.
  • Yogurt - Probiotics like yogurt have lots of skin-calming bacteria that help maintain the ideal pH balance and improve the quality of your skin, that’s according to dermatologist Rachel Nazarian.
  • Carrots - They’re rich in vitamin A, which helps reduce oil production, acne, and even prevents wrinkles from forming!
  • Green tea - This “skin-saving drink” is great because the tea helps keep skin hydrated, which makes it appear healthier and it shows fewer wrinkles. Plus, Nazarian explains that the polyphenols in green tea “neutralize free radicals and help maintain collagen and elastin.”

Foods to skip:

  • Soda - If you’re ditching one food from your diet, nutritionists agree it should be soda, which has tons of sugar and a high glycemic index, and research has shown that sugary sodas can cause hormones to spike, messing with oil in the skin and causing breakouts.
  • Milk - Some research has shown that dairy products could make acne worse because of their trace growth hormones. But some are better than others, whole milk might be better than skim and the probiotics in yogurt offer other benefits.
  • Chips - Salty snacks like pretzels and chips can leave skin dull and dehydrated, which makes those fine lines and wrinkles stand out more.

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