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You Choose The News 5-12-17


Should avocados come with warning stickers?

Plastic surgeons in the UK are warning people about the dangers of cutting open an avocado after seeing an uptick in "avocado hand." Yep, it has a name – and it’s what happens when the knife slips while you’re cutting through an avocado and slicing the palm of your hand. Ouch. (Huffington Post)


Surgeons Remove Ballpoint Pens From Man's Stomach...Decades After They Were Swallowed

Here's a reminder: not all bets are worth taking. A 40-year-old man in China swallowed two ballpoint pens after losing a bet when he was 14-years-old. Almost four decades later, he finally had them removed. 

The man, only identified by his surname, Wang, claims he forgot about his unusual snack. After having an x-ray recently, he decided to have surgery to get them removed. It appears the man has recovered from his procedure.

Source: UPI

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