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You Choose The News 5-17-17


Marathon Organizers Send Runners An Extra Half-Mile

For some runners, the Maine Coast Marathon was bit longer than expected. A group of participants was accidentally sent down an dead end road and had to loop back around, tacking on a half-mile to their route.

An this ended up being more than just an annoyance. The extra distance means some of their times most likely won't qualify the runners for the next Boston Marathon.

Since not all the runners had to go the extra half-mile, the times can't simply be adjusted. Instead, those who don't qualify for Boston Marathon because of the mistake will get a refund.

Source: Associated Press


Why Is Jason Heading Back To High School

Jason be visiting with Mr Fortenberry’s class today at Dunwoody High School to talk to the kids and judge presentations in his marketing class for their sports presentations.


Bookworms make the best friends …

According to a new study, people who chose books as their favorite source of media were nicer and more supportive than people who preferred to watch TV. In fact, the study revealed that TV lovers came across as less friendly, less open-minded and less understanding of other people's views. (Bustle

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