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You Choose The News 5-24-17


Ariana Grande’s Mom Helped Fans To Safety After Concert Explosion

During the tragic event that left 22 dead at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England on Monday night, some people emerged as helpers. One of them was the singer’s own mother, Joan Grande.

The star’s mom was already backstage to see her daughter when she heard the explosion and she snapped into action and helped a number of fans get to safety backstage.

Joan reportedly kept the fans company until they could safely leave the arena. Some Manchester residents showed goodwill by selflessly opening their homes to the hundreds of stranded young people trying to get away from the chaos. It’s a good reminder that despite the hate and evil out there, humanity and kindness are still there.

Source: ABC News



According to health experts, there are five male body shapes:

  • Inverted Triangle – Basketball players and sprinters are big winners here.
  • Rhomboid – Broad shoulders and muscular in the middle. 
  • Rectangle – Skinny shoulders and skinny on down.
  • Triangle – A little bit of a beer belly.
  • Oval – A lot of a beer belly. (Mirror)


How To Chill A Bottle Of Wine In Minutes

On a hot summer afternoon, there’s not much better than a nice cold glass of wine. But when you’re ready for your vino and it hasn’t been chilling in the fridge, the options can be disappointing. No one really wants to drink it room temperature, put ice in it, or wait patiently for it to chill.

That’s why we love this speedy wine chilling hack. When you need your bottle of white, rosé, or champagne cold ASAP, master sommelier Brian McClintic knows how to get it done in three minutes or less! And the key is ice - lots and lots of it - along with another kitchen staple.

“An ice-water bath with plenty of salt works like a charm,” explains McClintic. “The full bottle should be submerged.”

So just how much salt? He says “let’s just say a liberal amount.” See, the salt lowers the freezing point of water, so it gets colder without turning into ice. Another tip from the wine expert? Speed up the process by giving the submerged bottle a little spin. Cheers to that!

Source: Stylist

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