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You Choose The News 6-5-17


Man Running From London Attack With Beer Goes Viral

During London's terror attack a picture was taken of people fleeing the scene. In that picture one man in the picture held on to his pint of beer. The picture has since gone viral. People are using it as inspiration during these hard times. 

Source: sacbee


The Return Of Bath And Body Works Cucumber Melon

Fans of old school Bath and Body Works scents, your summer is about to get a whole lot better. The company has announced plans to bring back one of our favorite scents of all time: Cucumber Melon.

Back in the day, we all loved the body sprays, but now that clean, fresh smell is hitting the BBW shelves once again in several forms. The scent is coming in body lotion, shower gel, "fine fragrance mist" (body spray!), anti-bacterial hand gel, a candle, two hand soaps, a wall plug-in, and hand cream. Just don’t use them all at once like your teenage self would’ve.

So you can cover yourself in this nostalgic scent, but Bath and Body is also bringing back some of the other classics, including:

  • Country Apple
  • Brown Sugar and Fig
  • Sun-Ripened Raspberry
  • Freesia
  • Plumeria
  • Juniper Breeze
  • And Pearberry

They haven’t told us how long these scents will be on the shelves, so get them while you can. Last year, BBW brought some of their all-time best-sellers back with their #FlashbackFragrance campaign, but they were only around for about a month. The good news is that these classics are coming out just in time for Bath and Body’s semi-annual sale, which starts today. So you can smell good and save money. Happy shopping.

Source: Glamour


Vet Uncovers His Flag Thief

A Texas veteran is relieved after learning it wasn't vandals, but squirrels that stole American flags from a memorial he'd put up in his yard.

The vet had put together a nice flag memorial in his garden using 10 flags. Then they started disappearing. Needless to say the former soldier was upset. That’s when a neighbor stepped it with the help of a security camera.

The Air Force vet's daughter says he laughed when a neighbor showed him video of squirrels making off with small flags from his yard in San Antonio. The video shows two squirrels taking one of the small flags off a wooden sticks, and carrying it off. The neighbor tracked the squirrels and found that the rodents used the ten small flags to build a nest in a nearby tree.

Source: Fox News

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