Parenting Is Easier With These Home Hacks

Life with kids is always an adventure, a messy, chaotic adventure. But here are a few things you can do around the house to help make things easier for you and your kids.

  • Instead of wainscoting, try a kid-height chalk wall - Giving your little ones a half wall to scribble on still leaves you with the upper half to decorate with grown-up artwork and paint.
  • Invest in adjustable stools - Having stools that raise and lower allows everyone big and small to reach the counter or craft table.
  • Clear out a “scooter alley” - Kids need a way to release their energy on rainy days when they can’t get outside to play. Creating a cleared-out hallway or room where little vehicles can scoot around, or Matchbox cars can race, or where you can lay out tumbling mats for kids to roll on helps you stay sane and makes them happy.
  • Designate a temporary art display space - We love our kids’ artwork, but we run out of room to display it all. So creating an area that can show off the most recent works is great, then when a new masterpiece comes home, the artist can choose something to take down to create space for the new work.
  • Put a little table in the living room - Having a play table for little hands to work on Lego creations or do puzzles gives kids their own space where you’re hanging out.

Source: Working Mother

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