Spray Tan Tips Every Woman Needs


While we faithfully wear sunscreen and avoid getting an actual suntan, we still love the faux glow that a spray tan gives us. But when you pay out the money to get one, the last thing you want is to ruin it or keep it from lasting as long as possible. So here are some tips from the pros for getting the best bronze each and every time.

Eat the right foods beforehand - Alyson Hogg, founder of Vita Liberata self tanning products says eating green veggies that are high in the amino acid lysine, like kale, spinach, and avocado can help improve the color you end up with and drinking lots of water helps too.

Complete proper hair removal - For smooth skin and settled hair follicles, have your waxing done 24 hours before self-tan application, advises Sophie Evans, St. Tropez skin finishing expert. And Hogg recommends shaving at least four hours beforehand.

Prep your skin - Evans suggests exfoliating a few days before your appointment and removing deodorant and body makeup so the tan can adhere properly to skin. And Hogg reminds us not to moisturize 12 hours before a spray tan, that way we don’t have any residue that can keep it from being as effective.

Relax - Once your spray tan is over, wait for a few minutes before putting on your loose, dark clothes so you don’t rub off the new glow. And Evans says most formulas take up to eight hours to set before you can get wet, so stay dry. Wait 24 hours to shower if you want a darker hue.

Practice proper post-tan care - Exfoliate a few days after your spray tan, so it fades evenly. And moisturize every day to help your faux tan last as long as possible.

Source: Byrdie

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