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You Choose The News 6-9-17


Want to make your weekend feel longer? 

Do something different. Most of us fall into the same weekend routine … watch TV, do laundry, go grocery shopping, some exercise, a birthday dinner or brunch, maybe. David Eagleman, author of The Brain: The Story of You, says it’s exactly this same old routine that makes the weekend seems to fly by faster. Instead you should fill your weekends with new things, from new activities to new restaurants. It will make those two days seem a lot longer … and more fulfilling. (Pure Wow


Man Broke Into Apartment With Help From The Police

Jason Burns is a crafty criminal. The 29-year-old from Wales told police he was locked out of his friend's apartment, where he claimed to be staying. Burns forced himself in, and the prosecutor in the case claims local police helped, which the department denies.

Either way, Burns plot was found out after he left the house with a stolen passport and cash. It turns out it was actually Burns' second burglary in 24 hours. He pled guilty to the break in and cocaine possession and was hit with a three-year jail sentence.

Source: Metro 


Three floors of building evacuated due to ‘strong odor’ in bathroom

An odor was reported in the building that houses Jefferson Parish Government and other public agencies. To be safe the three top floors were evacuated. It was determined that the strong smell came from an industrial grade air freshener being sprayed by a cleaning crew. The “all clear” was given after just 20 minutes. (Wgno)

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