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Producer Freckles

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You Choose The News 6-13-17


Plane crashes on car in church parking lot

A small plane crashed into the car in the parking lot of Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church shortly after noon on Sunday. No word yet on what caused the plane crash. The members of the church rushed outside to investigate and help the pilot. The pilot was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. (wftv)


Nine Millimeter Guac!

An organic food lover got more than she bargained for when she picked up an avocado at the grocery store -- and cut it open to find a bullet inside.

One commenter on the woman's Reddit thread, claiming to be a lab worker, chimed in to reassure everyone that there’s nothing to worry about, because finding bullets in food is “an incredibly common occurrence.”

The woman, who didn't cite her location before starting the thread on Reddit, posted a photo of the potentially explosive produce, and pondered what might happen if she'd tried whipping up a killer batch of guacamole. One thing's for sure -- if she'd tossed the thing into the food processor, she'd have been avocado toast. (Grub Street)


It’s Free Taco Tuesday

Taco lovers, today is the day. It’s free taco Tuesday at Taco Bell. They’re giving away a free Doritos Locos taco to all customers from 2 to 6pm local time.

It’s all part of the Bell’s “Steal a Game, Steal a Taco” giveaway related to the NBA finals. When the visiting Golden State Warriors “stole” a road win from the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game Three, it triggered the taco giveaway.

The deal is available in all 50 states at participating Taco Bell locations, but don’t get greedy, there’s only one per person. But a freebie on Taco Tuesday is still pretty great!


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