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What Wine Goes Best With Your Favorite Junk Food?

Unrecognizable man pouring red wine in two glasses.

Finding just the right wine to compliment a meal makes both the vino and the food taste better. But we’re not always sitting down to a fancy dinner when we enjoy a glass, so here are some wine pairings for the junk food you eat in your everyday life.

Ice cream - When you’ve had the kind of day that only wine and ice cream will fix, these are the perfect pairings:

  • Nestle Drumstick - Chardonnay
  • Creamsicle - Riesling
  • Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia - Port
  • Klondike Bar - Cabernet Sauvignon

Pizza - Pizza and wine make a great combo. Here’s how to match your pie to your vino:

  • Cheese pizza - Pinot Noir
  • Pepperoni pizza - Syrah
  • White pizza - Champagne
  • Veggie pizza - Chardonnay

Doughnuts - These two might not sound like they belong together, but if you like wine and you like doughnuts, why not bring them together with these combos:

  • Glazed doughnut - Chardonnay
  • Jelly filled - Rose
  • Chocolate frosted with sprinkles - Prosecco
  • Boston Cream - Port

Kids’ leftover snacks - Little ones ask for snacks constantly but hardly ever finish them, leaving you to have to clean up their leftovers. So make these hand-me-downs better with these wines.

  • String cheese - Chianti
  • Clementines - Chardonnay
  • Goldfish crackers - Cabernet Franc
  • Carrots and hummus - Riesling

Source: Babble

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