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You Choose The News 6-21-17


Very Goodwill

The next time you donate a box of old clothes, make sure you know exactly what you're giving away -- because an Ohio couple accidentally donated $100,000 cash.

A couple of Goodwill workers were sorting through a box of clothes and found a duffel bag inside. They opened it and saw what they thought was play money from a game. But upon further examination, they realized it was real and it was a lot. Included with the wads of cash were some legal documents, including a last will and testament. They knew the donor had made a mistake.

Fortunately, the donor had asked for a receipt, so Goodwill had their information. After several attempts, workers finally reached the donors, who had no idea they'd dropped off the money. Apparently, they had just withdrawn the cash from a bank because they were buying a new house and had put it in the trunk of the car, where they thought it would be safe. (USA Today)


Food Too Salty? Use A Different Colored Napkin

When you’re setting the table, don’t just coordinate the napkins to the plates and tablecloths. According to a new report, the color of the napkins can affect the flavor of the food you’re eating.

Napkin brand Tork worked with Swedish food stylist and chef Linda Lundgren, who tried dishes with different colored napkins and found the shades affected the taste of the foods differently.

“How do you make a strawberry mousse sweeter and richer tasting? The answer isn’t more strawberries and sugar,” Lundgren explains. “Instead, try serving the dish with a coral pink napkin. The color increases the perception of sweetness and decreases bitterness.” So it’s perfect for desserts.

Their research also found:

- Aqua blue napkins enhance the flavor of eggs and Indian food by making food seem less salty.

- Mustard yellow improves the flavor of green dishes like sprouts and salads.

- Gray napkins help contrast lighter meals and help Mediterranean food taste richer.

Source: Daily Mail


Seat Belt Prank Leaves Man In Tears

***Warning - adult language


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