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You Choose The News 6-22-17


How To Tell If Wine’s Gone Bad

Sometimes we are lucky enough to come across a deal on wine we can’t pass up. So we stock up and save those bottles for the future. But not all wine is made for keeping long term. And if it’s been in contact with air for too long or has a “tainted cork,” the vino inside isn’t good for drinking anymore. Here’s how you can tell if your good wine has gone bad.

  • The smell is off - If the wine smells like a musty basement, wet cardboard, or vinegar, it’s not good. A heavy raisin smell is a bad sign too.
  • The red wine tastes sweet - If your bottle of red smells or tastes like dessert wine, it’s been exposed to too much heat and you shouldn’t drink it.
  • The cork is pushed out of the bottle a bit - This means the wine has expanded because it overheated.
  • The wine is brownish - If your red wine looks brownish, it’s a sign it’s past its prime. And when white wine looks dark yellow or a brownish straw color, it’s probably oxidized and you don’t want to drink it.
  • It tastes chemically - If your wine has an astringent or paint thinner flavor, why would you want to drink it anyway?
  • It has a fizzy taste, but ISN’T sparkling wine - If your wine is effervescent and isn’t supposed to be fizzy, it’s gone through a second fermentation after the bottling, so don’t drink it.



"But" out.

According to Harriet Lerner, a psychologist and author of the book Why Won’t You Apologize?, there is one word you should never say during an apology. And that word is but. As in, “I’m sorry, but …” Lerner says adding a “but” is an excuse that pretty much discounts anything you said before it. (AOL)


Mom who let snake bite 1-year-old daughter won't face charges

Chartelle St. Laurent made news earlier this month when shoe posted a Facebook video of her allowing a red rat snake to bit her 1-year-old daughter on the finger won't face any charges. Florida’s State's Attorney said that there wasn't enough evidence to prove that Chartelle intentionally meant to harm her daughter during the bizarre incident. Chartelle said all along that she wanted to teach her daughter a lesson and knew the snake could not hurt her daughter. (nydailynews)

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