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You Choose The News 6-27-17



A mother and her 20-year-old college student daughter were recently thrilled and surprised when a family tradition won the daughter a million-dollar lottery jackpot.

With Erin Haggerty at school, her mother, Diane, has been keeping in touch by sending holiday greeting cards – and enclosing a scratch off lottery ticket.

Diane sent her daughter a St. Patrick’s Day card that came with a "Win $1,000 a Week for Life" ticket inside. And sure enough, Erin won a guaranteed $1 million prize.

Even after taxes, the prize is life-changing money and Erin admits she immediately starting thinking about her life after college. And, not surprisingly, one of the first things she did after telling everyone the news was to go shopping. (Coed)


Libraries Are Gearing Up For Rare Solar Eclipse

Libraries will be the cool place to view rare event.

A total solar eclipse over the United States is a rare event, but one will happen August 21st and public libraries are gearing up to help the skywatching public make the most of it. Thanks to a program by the Space Science Institute, libraries will hand out more than two million pairs of special glasses to let people view the eclipse safely.

The eclipse will pass over Oregon across a 70-mile-wide swath of the country to South Carolina. People outside the total eclipse zone will still be able to see a partial eclipse.

A reminder! Looking up at the sun, even when it is partially covered by the moon, can cause serious eye damage, which is why skywatchers need special solar-viewing glasses. Source: Space


Canadian Sniper Sets World Record

An unidentified Canadian Special Operations sniper just shot an Islamic State fighter in Iraq from more than two miles away. The  shot broke a world record for the longest confirmed kill shot in history. The shot was from a distance of 3,540 meters using a U.S.-made McMillan Tac-50 rifle. (WashingtonPost)

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