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Signs Your Sweetie May Be Cheating

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Catching someone cheating rarely happens like it does in the movies. It’s usually something small that tips you off and not some dramatic scene where you walk in on them getting it on with someone else. So how can you tell if someone’s emotionally or physically involved with someone else in real life? Here are some warning signs you might not want to ignore.

Their phone becomes "off-limits" suddenly - Your phone and computer are fairly private possessions, but when you’re involved with someone, they may need to use yours at some point. So if your S.O. starts acting overly protective of their devices - hiding the screen when you walk by and such - that could raise a red flag, according to counselor Jonathan Bennett.

They unfriend you or delete their social media accounts - Sometimes you just need a social media break, but if your partner tells you they’ve deleted their account and then someone tells you he’s still on Facebook, you should probably talk about that.

They're going on unexpected and unexplained trips - If your sweetie is normally a homebody who’s suddenly running off on lots of trips, you might begin to suspect something. Or if they’re suddenly okay with you working late, going out more and going on more trips without ever mentioning they’ll miss you while you’re away, relationship expert Weena Cullins suggests they could be using their free time to cheat.

They accuse you of cheating - If your partner pulls the old switcheroo and accuses you of cheating, it could be a way to try to justify their actions. If they can cheat or lie, they assume you could be doing the same, explains relationship coach Jackie Viramontez.

Your sex life is lacking - If your beloved is brushing you off when you put the moves on them, it could be anything from hormones to stress...but it could also have something to do with someone else.

They make plans for the future without including you - If your partner won’t commit to taking you to a friend’s wedding in a few months or bringing you home to their family’s place for the holidays, it could be a sign they’re cheating.

Someone flat-out tells you - Your S.O. should be the person you trust most in life, but if your friends tell you they’re cheating, you should really talk about it, even if you don’t believe it.

Source: Insider

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