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You Choose The News 7-6-17


Reporter Gets Puked On Live TV

KTLA reporter Wendy Burch was reporting live from the Ironman Run-Paddle-Chug competition, during which participants run and swim one mile before chugging a six-pack of beer. Then this happened... 



You Can Now Snort Chocolate…Think About That.

Chocolate lovers are known to want their chocolate fix in any form, whether it’s straight up, in a drink or in a cookie. There are even spas that use chocolate in their services. But a new chocolate trend may actually be dangerous for you. A new product is now on the market called Coco Loko, which is a snortable chocolate powder.

That’s right, folks can now snort chocolate right up their nose, with users saying it gives them a quick buzz, most likely thanks to its ingredients, which are things usually found in energy drinks, like gingko bilboa, taurine and guarana.

The creators suggest the buzz lasts about 30 minutes, and doesn’t give you the crash that usually comes with a sugar high, but whether that’s safe or not is another story. Medical experts worry about the effects of the non-cocoa ingredients, like taurine and guarna, which can increase blood pressure and cause heart palpitations, which can be worse than usual if the product goes right to the nasal cavity. Plus, Dr. Andrew Lane, director of the Johns Hopkins Sinus Center, says, “putting solid material into your nose — you could imagine it getting stuck in there, or the chocolate mixing with your mucus to create a paste that could block your sinuses.”

Source: New York Post

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