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You Choose The News 7-7-17


Hamster Doesn’t Move For Three Days 

A young girl in the UK brought her pet hamster to the vet because it hadn't moved in 3 days. The hamster had recently gotten out of his cage and was found under the refrigerator. It was put back in it's cage where is stayed in one place, not eating or drinking for days. While being checked out at the vet a magnet was found in the hamster's cheek pocket. The magnet had stuck the hamster to the side of the cage and the poor thing couldn't break free. 



Jailbird Turned Out to Be a Bear

Surveillance cameras inside a Colorado county jail caught an unusual jailbreak earlier this week. It was unusual not just because the suspect broke into jail, but because he was actually a bear.

The sheriff's office was stunned to find the large bear inside a secure area of the jail and reviewed the footage to discover that it had managed to climb the fence to get in. Fortunately for deputies, they didn't have to do much to get it out because the bear eventually scaled the fence again and escaped. It then ran away from officers and climbed up a tree. (KXRM-TV)

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