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You Choose The News 7-12-17



According to a new study, taking longer showers might help guys slow down – or even avoid – hair loss.

While there are plenty of reasons that guys go bald, researchers found that simply paying attention to daily grooming habits and spending a bit more time in the shower helps the hair and the scalp remain healthy.

By taking longer showers, more time is spent massaging the head, which ends up stimulating hair growth.

The scientists suggest that guys spend five to 10 minutes once to twice a week really focusing on doing a good job with the shampoo up there, using both hands to massage the scalp with firm and consistent pressure. (Express)


There’s A Tropical Paradise With Puppies Everywhere

Wouldn’t it be nice to go to a magical tropic island and enjoy the sun while rolling around with tons of puppies? That place exists!

The island of Turks and Caicos in the Bahamas has a dog sanctuary on it run by Potcake Place. It is full of potcake dogs, the typical mixed breed that inhabits the islands. While many animal shelters offer play time with their residents, Potcake Place kicks it up a notch by bringing the dogs to the beach.

So while you’re running in the surf and playing on the sand, you can be surrounded by cuddle loving pooches. As a bonus, you can even adopt one! All they ask is for a donation. They do have rules to follow before taking one of these pups home, though.

Next time you want to vacation, think about this paradise. Talk about pup-tacular!

Source: Bustle


Falcons Will Have The Lowest Concession Prices In Major Team Sports in 2017

It was announced last year that the Falcons would offer fan friendly prices at the new Mercedes Benz Stadium but now it's official. With the prices listed above it looks like an an average family of four can buy food and drink at the stadium for $28 or less. (bleacherreport)

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