Travel Hacks For Women

Packing is no fun, but packing your carry-on is definitely the worst part. It’s so hard to leave behind all your daily must-have products and swap them for tiny, TSA-approved bottles. But it’s a necessary evil, so here are a few tips to make packing your beauty products a little less painful.

Tip #1: Tape around the seal of your travel containers - There’s nothing worse than products spilling in your bag, making a huge mess and wasting all that money. So put tape around the seal of the bottle to keep it closed.

Tip #2: Reuse empty travel-size bottles for your own products - Save those hotel size bottles and refill with the products you love to use.

Tip #3: Add a dryer sheet to your suitcase - Keep your clothes smelling fresh in your luggage by adding a dryer sheet.

Tip #4: Put a cotton pad in your powder compact - This will help prevent it from breaking and crumbling.

Tip #5: Use a contact case for your liquids and gels - They’re the ideal size for a single-use application of toothpaste, hair oil, or whatever you like. Just color-code them so you remember what’s in each one. Or, you know…write on them.

Source: Byrdie

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