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You Choose The News 7-19-17


Woman divorces husband who ignored her text messages

A woman in Taiwan was granted a divorce, due to the fact that her husband wasn’t replying to her messages. She used the "Read" indicators on the messages she had sent to her husband as proof that he had been ignoring her. The judge ruled in the woman’s favor.



In today’s “foods that don’t belong together” news …                   

Walmart is now selling Fruit Punch Flavored Pickles. You heard that right – “Tropickles” are pickles in a jar filled with bright red fruit punch. If you’re curious about their flavor, you can pick a jar up for $2. (Seventeen


Forget hangry. Now there’s slangry …

being angry from lack of sleep. According to a new study, not getting enough sleep affects people’s ability to have a positive attitude. In other words, you’re negative, irritable, and, well, slangry. (NY Daily News)

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