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Producer Freckles

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You Choose The News 7-24-17


Mom smarts …

Research has found that kids get their intelligence from their moms. The science: Genes that determine intelligence are found in the X chromosome. Because women carry two X chromosomes and men carry only one, children are twice as likely to get their intelligence from their mom. (Reader’s Digest)


OJ Will Not Be Getting A Book Deal

Since OJ Simpson found out he will be getting released on parole the job offers have been rolling in. One job offer he will not be getting is a book deal. Publishers consider OJ toxic since the public still thinks he is guilty of murder. (TMZ)


Stop skipping breakfast …                  

A new study has found that you need to make breakfast your biggest meal of the day if you want to lose weight.  Basically, if you fill up in the morning, you'll be less inclined to snack during the day or eat a big dinner. (Delish

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