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You Choose The News 7-25-17



A grandfather from England fulfilled his dream of competing in a big poker tournament in Las Vegas – and walked away with $2.6 million in winnings.

Before heading to Vegas, 64-year-old John Hesp had never bet more than $20 at one time while gambling at his local casino.

This didn’t stop him from getting into the World Series of Poker tournament and risking $10,000.

He quickly became a fan favorite by wearing a fancy, colorful jacket, bright shirts and a Panama hat.

Despite playing against the best poker professionals from around the world, John came in fourth place, winning $2.6 million along the way to crossing this adventure off his bucket list. (Telegraph)


Have you heard of coffee naps?

It could change your life. A coffee nap is exactly what it sounds like: You drink a cup of coffee, then immediately take a nap. Yes, this sounds like opposite land, but here’s the deal: The caffeine in coffee doesn’t kick in for about 30 minutes, so if you nap right after you drink the coffee, the caffeine will kick in right when you wake up. Basically you get the benefits of a nap … and a jolt of caffeine. Win-win! (Health)


Garth Brooks Offers To Pay Baby’s College Tuition

As we previously told you, Garth Brooks offered to pay for the honeymoon of a couple who got engaged at his show. Well, it looks as though he’s once again spending his money while on stage. 

Garth's tour hit The Forum in Los Angeles this weekend and during his first show Friday night he brought a couple to the side of the stage to help them reveal the sex of their yet-to-be-born child.

The mom-to-be handed Garth a sealed envelope with the baby’s gender, and then Garth joked that the baby would be named Brooks, regardless of whether it was a boy or a girl. Garth then made the big reveal, that the baby would be a girl, and noted that if he was still alive when the child went to college, he would pay for her education. Source: Variety

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