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You Choose The News 7-27-17


So, money can buy happiness … but there’s a catch.  

According to a new study, to buy happiness, you have to spend the money on something very specific: free time. Researchers found that buying yourself free time, like hiring someone to do housework or mow your lawn, gives you the biggest bang for your buck. The more free time people buy for themselves, the less stressed they are each day and the more satisfied they are with life. (Washington Post)


What Kate Middleton Always Packs In Her Suitcase

When the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton packs her royal bags, or someone packs them for her, there is one thing that’s always in her luggage. She absolutely has to travel with an entirely black outfit in her luggage. And that’s true for everyone in her family, too.

It’s all because someone could die and the royal family needs to be prepared. Say the Queen dies while they’re out of town, they would all need to show respect by wearing the color of mourning.

It happened to Princess Diana and Prince Charles when they were skiing in the Alps and her father passed away. Thankfully, they all had black clothing in their suitcases ready to wear on the flight back to England.

But when Queen Elizabeth’s father died, she was in Kenya on safari with her husband Philip and wasn’t as prepared. No one was allowed to photograph them until they were dressed appropriately in black. So as morbid as it might seem to plan ahead like this, it’s all part of being in the public eye as part of the monarchy.

Source: MamaMia


Former UGA Quarterback Gets A New Job

Former Georgia Bulldog quarterback Aaron Murray will be working with CBS this football season. Although all the specifics aren't out yet is likely he will be working on CBS College Sports Network, which broadcasts games throughout the fall. (georgia.247.sports)

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