Pregnant Meteorologist Shuts Down Body-Shamer On Air

Pregnant women get called out for all kinds of things they do or don’t do, especially those in the public eye. But when it happened to meteorologist Kelsey McEwen recently, she handled it like the pro she is.

McEwen appeared on the “Your Morning” program in Toronto, Canada while 34 weeks pregnant and some troll was quick to criticize her clothes and body on social media. “I can’t believe the skin tight maternity attire … disgusting!” they complained. But she didn’t let that shame her.

Instead, she shared a screenshot of the tweet and wrote, “When what a 34 week pregnant woman is wearing is what someone finds ‘disgusting’ in this world … time to check your priorities.” She also pointed out that we shouldn’t be focusing on women’s bodies at all, especially when they’re just trying to do their jobs. And that there are a lot worse things to be offended by these days.

“You know what is disgusting?” McEwen asks. “Not my wear, but racism and hate and bullying. So let’s stand up to that.” 

I totally agree!

Source: Glamour

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