The Best Jobs Without A Four-Year Degree

A plumber uses a plunger to unclog a toilet.

While it’s no secret folks with a  four-year college degree tend to make more money in the job market than those without it, that doesn’t mean there aren’t good jobs out there for those who didn't spend thousands on a four-year education.

A new CareerCast report has just come out with a list of the best jobs out there for people without a four-year college degree and many of them pay quite a bit of money. Interestingly, of the Top Ten, more than half are in the healthcare field, including Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Medical Records Technician, Optician, and Respiratory Therapist. Meanwhile, for those technically inclined, a Web Developer job only requires a two-year degree, and pays an average salary of $66,130 with a 27% growth outlook.

Ten Best Jobs Without A Four Year Degree (salary, degree needed)

  • Broadcast Technician ($42,550, Associate)
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer ($64,280, Associate)
  • Electrician ($52,720, H.S. Diploma/Equivalent)
  • Executive Assistant ($55,860, H.S. Diploma/Equivalent)
  • Industrial Machine Repairer ($49,100, H.S. Diploma/Equivalent)
  • Medical Records Technician ($38,040, Non-Degree Certification)
  • Paralegal ($49,500, Associate)
  • Plumber ($51,540, H.S. Diploma/Equivalent)
  • Respiratory Therapist ($58,670, Associate)
  • Web Developer ($66,130, Associate)

Source CareerCast

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