Hacks For Getting Wrinkles Out Of Clothes Without An Iron

Very few people love ironing, but it’s one of those chores we do in life so we don’t look like we just rolled out of bed wearing the clothes we have on. But sometimes we’re late for work, or don’t have an iron handy and still need to make our clothes wrinkle-free, and aside from throwing a garment in the dryer for a while, we don’t know how else to do it. So here are a few ways to remove wrinkles from your clothes that don’t require an iron.

  • Use your hair straightener - If you’ve never used your flat iron on your clothes, try it when you’re in a hurry. Just make sure the temperature isn’t set too high and use it to get the edges, collars, and in the little corners.
  • Use your hairdryer - You can blow-dry your clothes with your hairdryer, just use low heat. You can even do this one while you’re already wearing the outfit!
  • Use water: in a bottle - Fill up a spray bottle and spritz the wrinkles before you hang them up. If you’re in a rush, do it and then hit it with the hairdryer so you’re wrinkle-free and ready to go in no time.
  • Use water: in the shower - The oldest trick is still a good one and it’s perfect when you’re traveling. Just hang up your garments in the bathroom while taking a hot shower and let the steam ease those wrinkles away.
  • Use ice cubes - The folks at Lifehacker suggests tossing two or three ice cubes in the dryer to help your clothes come out wrinkle-free. They caution to use only a few ice cubes in a big dryer and only put a couple items in the dryer when you do it. But the ice melts into water, which becomes steam in the heat of the dryer, so it makes sense that it’ll work.

Source: Mamamia

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