Here’s How To Get “Game Of Thrones’” Daenerys Targaryen’s Body

There’s no doubt “Game of Thrones” fans love Emilia Clarke and her character Daenerys Targaryen, and considering all she has to do on the show, she’s got to be in pretty great shape to pull it all off. Well, Clarke certainly works to maintain not only her strength, but those perfectly toned arms, and according to her trainer, it’s something we all could do, and it doesn’t seem all that hard.

Clarke follows what’s called the “Clean and Lean” method developed by fitness expert James Duigan, who has some tips on how you too can look like the “Game of Thrones” star.

Tips include:\ 

  • Pack Like a Pro – Since lots of people have very busy schedules you need to find time to fit your training into your schedule, even if you’re traveling. Duigan suggests bringing resistance bands with you, calling them “the perfect travel partner and the best way to stay in shape whilst traveling.” 
  • Ditch the Diets – Duigan says balance is the only thing that really works when it comes to a “diet.” He says you shouldn’t count calories and weigh food, and you definitely shouldn’t “beat yourself up” about what you eat, and never deny yourself anything you truly want. 
  • Get Realistic – Set realistic goals for yourself and be clear about what you want to achieve. If you set goals you can never achieve it will “only lead to stress and worry.”
  • The Cool Down Counts – Don’t forget to let your body cool down after a workout, because it will reduce muscle soreness, and allow the blood to circulate throughout your body, which is important in the growth and repair of muscles.
  • Just Move It – Duigan says “movement is medicine,” and suggests finding “fun” ways to work out, like interval training, or yoga or Pilates.
  • Mix Bodyweight with Weights - Folks should introduce light weights to build strength, or even resistance bands which don’t place extreme pressure on muscles. 
  • Be Kind To Yourself – Listen to your body in order to give it what it needs, whether it’s movement, nutrition or even sleep. As Duigan points out, “The perfect body is one that you feel happy and healthy in.” 

Source: New York Post

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