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#TheGoodStuff - Truck Gets Rebuilt For Son's Funeral

This morning's Good Stuff comes from listener Sgt. Mike Grap. 

"About 4 weeks ago, my 25 year old  son  Zach took his own life which myself, his mother, and his friends never saw it coming.  He was loved by so many people, his funeral procession from Lawrenceville to Monroe was about 6 miles long, other than police officers and fire fighters I have never seen one that long and being a motorcycle police officer I have seen thousands of funerals.

My son had an old Ford Truck, single cab diesel truck that he purchased. It became known as the SKIPPY TRUCK as Zach would work on her and she would skip and leave him stranded. His truck has been broken for about 8 months sitting in his driveway.  Zach loved that SKIPPY TRUCK, even though she wasn’t pretty and she was broken he would rub on her and talk to her when he walked by. All his friends and family knew the truck as Skippy.

The day before his death, he contacted Lead Foot Diesel Performance in Monroe and said he wanted to get the SKIPPY truck repaired there. I think he was going to have it towed there the following week.  After making my son’s  funeral arrangements (which a parent should never have to do), I was contacted by one of his friends and they were going to clean old Skippy and put her on a tow truck in his funeral procession. That meant the world to me. 

After saying my final goodbye to my son at the funeral home, one of his friends walked up to me and said I need to talk to you. I asked if SKIPPY was here and he said yes. I walked out the back door of the funeral home and there she was running and all cleaned up. My oldest son, Justin who is in the Coast Guard drove Skippy in the funeral. Lead Foot Diesel Performance employees stayed after work and got old SKIPPY running. The joy in my heart can’t be expressed in words. I also had the honor of escorting my son’s funeral procession on my police motorcycle. My boss, later put on Facebook “Heroes don’t wear capes, they put on their motor boots and escort their son to his final resting place”.


Lead Foot Diesel Performance  is restoring old SKIPPY, new tires and wheels, new interior, working their magic on the engine, doing body work and painting SKIPPY. They are doing that FREE for my son ZACH and myself. My heart is broken but they healed a small portion of my heart by their generosity. What a great company. NOW THAT IS THE GOOD STUFF!"

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