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You Choose The News 9-6-17


Man Says UPS "Trapped" Him In His Apartment

Someone in Jesse Lawrence's Dublin, California apartment was set to receive a package via UPS. When the delivery man got there, however, he propped up the package under the door knob, which prevented the residents inside from being able to open their door. In essence, the UPS delivery person had trapped Jesse and his roommates inside.

What to do? He didn't call 911. Instead, Jesse took to Twitter to tell UPS about the situation, showing a picture of how the package was propped up and explaining they had to call maintenance to come free them. “Sure, it’s inconvenient for us to call someone to get us out, but if it were an emergency, we would have been screwed,” he adds. “We’re 5 floors up.” 

The post has gone viral, with than 59-thousand retweets. As for UPS, they did respond with a very generic and grammatically incorrect message saying they're "sorry" and want to "assist" Lawrence. 

Source: New York Post 


Women Becoming Starbucks Baristas For The IVF

While technical advances like IVF have made it easier for couples who once couldn’t have children become parents, anyone who’s gone though the process knows it doesn’t come cheap. These days not many companies offer medical benefits that cover the high cost of IVF, but believe it or not, Starbucks does - and that policy even applies to part-time baristas.

Well, it turns out some women are now actually taking jobs behind the counter at Starbucks just so they can get the IVF benefits. While part-time baristas average about $10,000 a year, the company will still cover $20,000 for their IVF procedures and medication, which is amazing considering such procedures tend to cost about $20K per cycle, with many couples needing to try two or three times before they have success.

While Starbucks doesn’t actually know how many women are taking barista jobs just for the IVF benefits, several of them have now created a Facebook group called Starbucks IVF Mommas, which has 168 members.

Shannon Iagulli is one of those happy Starbucks moms, who after almost losing her marriage because of infertility issues, is now a proud mom of two. As for what she plans to tell her babies when they get older, “They will know that that's how they came about that if it wasn't for mommy going to make coffee that they wouldn't be here.”

Source: CBS News


Target’s Car Seat Trade-In Program Is Back

Get ready to love Target even more! Our favorite store is bringing back their popular car seat trade-in program this month. That means when you drop off an old car seat to be recycled, you get a coupon for 20% off your next car seat purchase - and that includes eligible boosters, car seat bases, car seats, and travel systems.

From September 10 to 23 you can drop off your used seat at most stores across the country and the coupon you get is good through October 7. The program is part of a partnership between Target and Terracycle, which tries to find solutions for hard-to-recycle stuff.

Back in April, Target first tried the program out in honor of Earth Day and close to 80,000 car seats were recycled. So now, they’re doing it again to recognize National Baby Safety Month. And this time, they expect to recycle over 700,000 pounds of car seat materials. So you get to save money and save the planet, all thanks to Target!

Source: Good Housekeeping

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