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Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Get You

A young couple disagreeing with each other

We all want to feel like we’re with someone who really understands us, but we’re not always that fortunate. The thing is, if you’re with someone who doesn’t get you, it can leave you feeling like they don’t hear you and that can take its toll on your relationship. Here are some warning signs your partner doesn’t understand you.

Your lifestyle choices clash - You and your partner won’t agree on everything, but you do want to see eye to eye on important lifestyle choices.

They frequently suggest activities you don't like - If your partner nags you to go camping even though they know you don’t enjoy nature activities, they’re not in sync with who you really are.

You hold back your opinion around them - If your partner is disrespectful when you share your opinion and you feel like they don’t value what you think, it can be a sign they don’t recognize what’s really important to you.

They do things that bother you without realizing they will - Your partner isn’t a mind reader, but you do expect them to know what gets on your nerves after you’ve been together for a while.

They don't listen - To be able to truly understand you, your partner needs to listen and really hear what you’re saying. That’s hard to do when they’re always scrolling through their phone while you’re explaining something.

They minimize your problems - It’s never okay to dismiss what someone else is dealing with, but if your partner says stuff like “get over it,” that’s a big red flag!

Source: Bustle

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