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You Choose The News 9-7-17


Drink A Harvey Wallbanger To Help Hurricane Victims

Have you ever heard of a Harvey Wallbanger? If you weren’t old enough to be drinking back in the ‘70s, you probably haven’t, but this classic cocktail could be making a comeback and it’s all for a good cause.

"That there is a cocktail called a 'Harvey Wallbanger' that could help people recover from a hurricane named ‘Harvey' to me seems like fate," says Bobby Heugel, the owner of six bars in Houston. He’s started an informal fundraiser, encouraging bars and restaurants to serve Harvey Wallbangers and donate the proceeds to the Mayor of Houston’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. And he estimates that over 500 bars across the U.S. have signed on to participate so far.

So what’s in this disco-era drink? It’s a variation on a Screwdriver that uses the Tuscan liqueur Galliano - which has vanilla, anise, and other flavors. And back in the 1970s, the cocktail was invented to get Americans to buy more Galliano. It worked and Galliano became the most imported liqueur of the decade!

But even if you don’t order a Harvey Wallbanger at a bar, you can still help hurricane survivors by buying a bottle of Galliano. Lucas Bols, the company that owns Galliano, has announced they’ll be donating 100% of all Galliano profits from the month of September to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Cheers to that!

Source: Food and Wine


Jason Really Doesn't Want A Cold Sore Today!

Jason, Kristen, and Freckles are starting the chop tonight at the Braves game. At each home Braves game someone gets to "start the chop" during the 2nd inning. You get a huge tomahawk and appear on the jumbo-tron. Jason was worried he would wake up with a cold sore and it would be on the jumbo-tron. Luckily he hasn't gotten on... so far.   


These Bedtime Snacks Help You Sleep Better

We’ve been told that eating before bed is a no-no, but research shows that smart nighttime nibbling can actually help you sleep better. The key is what you eat and how much you have. So make sure your snack is truly snack size and avoid things that could upset your stomach or give you heartburn - like cheese, chocolate, spicy foods and citrus. And then give one of these “sleepy snacks” a try.

  • Pumpkin seeds - Think of the magnesium in these as nature’s Ambien. It calms and helps lull you off to sleep and you only need a quarter-cup to get half your daily dose of this soothing mineral.
  • Popcorn - The feel-good chemical serotonin is the key to a good night’s sleep here. And since 80 to 90% of it is made in the gut, noshing on high-fiber eats like popcorn can boost the growth of serotonin-producing gut bacteria, according to Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Marjorie Nolan Cohn.
  • Soy - According to one study, women who are two or more servings of soy daily were almost twice as likely to catch eight hours of Zs than women who didn’t eat soy. Try soy nut butter or roasted edamame soybeans to get your fix.
  • Tart cherries - These tasty treats can also raise your melatonin levels, which tells your body it’s time for sleep.
  • Salmon - It’s full of B vitamins, antioxidants, and omega-3s, but it’s the vitamin D in salmon that’s believed to affect the parts of the brain that help you fall asleep and stay there.
  • Yogurt - If you start worrying about your growing to-do list when your head hits the pillow, eating yogurt could help you unwind. Research shows that probiotic-filled fermented dairy (like kefir or yogurt) can lead you to shut-eye by lowering levels of cortisol - the stress hormone that leaves you wired and awake.

Source: Women’s Health Magazine

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