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What Men And Women Are Looking For In The “Ideal” Date

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It’s no secret that finding the love of your life is hard and it certainly would be much easier if we knew exactly what potential partners want in a date. Well, is here to help. The dating site analyzed their data to come up with a list of the "ideal" characteristics that women want in a man and vice versa, and some of them are a bit surprising.

According to the site, women are looking for the following characteristics in a man:

  • Short, dark brown hair
  • Swimmer
  • Speaks French
  • Blue eyes
  • Dad bod
  • Doctor
  • Dog lover

As for men, they also have some very particular things they are looking for in a mate. They include:

  • Blue eyes
  • Speaks Spanish
  • Blonde hair
  • Strategically placed tattoo
  • Freelancer
  • Likes hiking 

Of course, folks shouldn’t worry too much if they don’t fit any of these descriptions. Desires often change. In fact, the last time the poll was conducted women were looking for a high-paid businessman, but now they prefer a man who is a doctor.

Source: The Daily Mail

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