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You Choose The News 9-12-17


September babies … 

Happy belated birthday to all of you born on September 9th. And we do mean ALL of you. According to a recent report that examined U.S. birth records from 1994-2014, the most common birthday shared by citizens is September 9th. An earlier study by Harvard found that the most popular date was actually September 16th based on birth records between 1973 and 1999. Basically, mid-September is a popular time for babies to be born, and that means that in mid-December, people get really frisky. Seems cold weather and holiday cheer are the perfect combination to get people in the baby-making mood. (Today)


8th Grader Tries To Do The Right Thing But Still Gets In Trouble

Thomas Ross Jr., 13, is in the 8th grade at Brownsville Area Middle School in Pennsylvania. Getting ready for school Monday, Thomas threw on the shorts he had on the day before. He didn't realize until he got to school that his pocket knife was still in his pocket. He immediately asked to go to the office, where he told the secretary and principal about his mistake. Even though he was trying to do the right thing, he was still suspended for three days and would be receiving a citation. Thomas had never been in trouble before and many think the punishment was too severe. Most say Thomas shouldn't have been punished at all.

source: WTAE



In Brooksville, Florida, the extreme weather caused by Hurricane Irma had an unusual – and life-changing – effect on a pregnant woman and her pregnant dog.

The woman was seven-and-a-half months pregnant when she arrived at a local middle school, which was a designated shelter, over the weekend with her Siberian husky mix named Chyanne.

Sure enough. When the atmospheric pressure from the storm changed, both the woman and Chyanne went into labor.

The woman was rushed to a hospital, where she gave birth. Both the mom and baby are doing well.

Chyanne also gave birth – at the middle school – and was helped through the ordeal by Principal Brent Gaustaed and volunteers from an animal services group.

Brent admitted that things at his school are stressful, but was happy about the moms giving birth, calling it "unique and kind of cool." (People

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