Cooking Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Wish you had mad skills in the kitchen like the people you see on Food Network? According to award-winning chef and “Top Chef” judge Tom Colicchio, to be a better cook, “you have to cook.” He also says these are the most common mistakes that could be holding us back in the kitchen.

You’re not cooking enough - Practice leads to improvement, so cooking more will help you get better. “It’s muscle memory,” Colicchio explains. “It’s about creating good habits and learning good solid technique and methods.”

You’re forgetting the basics - Our expert says we really don’t need all those intimidating cooking tools, we just need a sharp knife. “Getting comfortable with a knife is really important,” Colicchio says. “Not just for speed, but for precision as well.”

You’re too focused on following recipes - “A recipe’s a guideline” the chef explains. Colicchio advises thinking of the recipe as a “starting point” that you can improvise from. Don’t stress if you’re missing an ingredient or mix up the order of a step, once you know the basics, you can take a recipe and do your own twist on it.

Source: My Domaine

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