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You Choose The News 9-27-17


Beer + Beer = Shenanigans

A Connecticut man went out last Saturday night and already had a pretty good idea how his night would end up based on the T-shirt he was wearing. 

38-year-old Nathan Corey was behind the wheel when a police officer saw him drive up on the sidewalk and violate some other traffic laws. He was pulled over, and the cop noticed he was wearing a shirt that contained the equation: "Beer + Beer = Shenanigans." It came as no surprise to the officer that Corey had been drinking, and after he failed a field sobriety test, he was arrested for drunk driving.

But that wasn't all. A search of his vehicle turned up marijuana, drug paraphernalia and a machete, which resulted in more charges. He was freed on $10,000 bail and will have to appear in court next week. (The Smoking Gun)


The truth about PDA …

A new study found that while most people weren't into making out in public, 32% of women and 37% of men said they’d done it. Why the PDA? For women, 55% wanted to make other people jealous, 34% wanted to show they were in a relationship, and 30% wanted to enhance their image. For guys, 59% said it was to improve their image, 38% said it was just to prove they could, and 20% wanted to show they were in a relationship.

But wait, there’s more … Researchers also wanted to know how men and women felt PDA affected their reputations. 57% of men said that their reputations were enhanced by PDA, vs. 14% who said it affected them negatively. It was a different story for women. 39% of women said the PDA made other people view them negatively. (Women’s Health


Your mood really is everything …

A new study has found that being in a good mood on the day you get your flu shot can actually increase its effectiveness. (University of Nottingham)

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