Things We’re Spending Too Much Money On

 It takes discipline to become financially stable and a lot of that starts with taking a cold, hard look at your spending habits and making changes. We don’t like to admit it, but there are non-essentials we could cut back on to help reach our financial goals, like these:

  • Coffee - We’re really fond of our coffeeshop habit, but dropping your afternoon Bux fix could help you save hundreds and hundreds of dollars a year. So learn to make your own coffee the way you like it, get yourself a cute mug and take a walk when you need a post-lunch pick-me-up.
  • Gym memberships - If you use yours regularly to get your workout on, stick with it. But if you don’t, divide your monthly fee into the number of times you actually hit the gym to get your “per workout” expense. If it’s enough to make you faint, consider working out at home or taking up running - it’s free!
  • Work lunches - When “Treat yourself Friday” becomes “I was too busy Monday” and you’re spending $10 a day on lunch, making healthy lunches at home can help you save a lot. It takes discipline, remember?
  • Late fees - Not only do these add up quickly, they’re also not great for your credit. Pay anything you can on auto pay to help stop late fees and set up reminders on your phone so you can pay it on time. Some places will even let you change your due date to make it work better for your budget.
  • Drinking out - Meeting a friend for happy hour is fun, but those tabs will cost you. Stock your home bar and have your pals over instead and you’ll save so much money without missing out on bonding time.

Source: The Every Girl

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