Beauty Hacks To Get You Through The Work Day


When we’re at work, we’re all trying to be our most confident, powerful selves. And that’s hard to do when you’re having a beauty dilemma and none your supplies and products are in your desk or purse. Luckily, there are quick and discreet fixes you can find around the office so you can fix the issue and get back to being the boss you are.

Hack #1: Stop shine without powder - When you don’t have blotting papers, a sticky note will help soak up shine in a pinch. Just dab gently on your forehead and nose.

Hack #2: Tame flyaways with hand cream - If you realize your hair needs a little control but you don’t have your arsenal of products in your purse at work, hand cream will do the trick. Just work it between your fingers then smooth those flyaways down. It works great on split ends, too.

Hack #3: Use hand sanitizer to kill spots - When you feel a breakout coming on and you’re stuck at work without your trusty spot treatment, hand sanitizer is your new best friend. Just dab a little on your blemish and you’re good to go.

Hack #4: Fix flaky lips with a wipe - Sometimes lip balm just won’t cut it and what your chapped lips need is a good exfoliation. So to deal with this while you’re at the office, try wiping with a baby wipe or alcohol-free cleansing wipe to smooth your smile.

Hack #5: Soothe mild sunburn at your desk - If you went a little overboard while catching rays over the weekend, sitting through a day of sunburn at work can be painful. You can’t exactly lather yourself up with lotion or aloe at your desk, but you can use baby wipes to soothe a mild sunburn. Just lay them on your affected area and feel the relief.

Source: Byrdie

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