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Producer Freckles

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You Choose The News 10-6-17


Not very helpful … 

So some guy on Twitter named Chris decided to give some "advice" to women earlier this week, saying that "knowing how to mix Hamburger Helper doesn’t make you wife material." Hamburger Helper wasn’t having any of it. They tweeted back, "And this makes you husband material?" It's gotta hurt being burned by Hamburger Helper ... (Mashable)


Great … now your reusable bags could be making you sick.

A study found that almost all reusable bags contained large amounts of bacteria. The main culprit is raw meat sitting in those bags, which are seldom washed. Experts say you should wrap raw meat packages in a separate plastic bag; wash your reusable grocery bags regularly; avoid storing the bags in your car or another hot place, since bacteria spreads more quickly there; and never use the bag for anything other than groceries … like your gym clothes, for example. (Good Housekeeping)


Man Wins "Lucky for Life."

Charles Svatos won the Lucky Life drawing on September 25th. The prize of $25,000 per year for life. However Charles opted instead for a cash option of $390,000 since he is 92 years old. (kcrg)

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