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Couples Costumes For An 80s Old School Halloween


The 80s were totally rad. And now that’s it’s been a few decades, you can create some righteous Halloween costumes based on 80s couples. If you want to dress up with bae and be the only ones at the party wearing that costume, here are some gnarly ideas.

Madonna and Sean Penn - This one’s pretty easy to pull together. You’ll need a blonde wig for the Material Girl and you can wear a bodysuit and some jeans. Sean needs a wig with hair long enough to run his hands through and a sleeveless white tee.

Drew Barrymore And E.T. - Little Gertie in “E.T.” was adorable, and to dress as her you’ll need a striped turtleneck and some overalls, and don’t forget the pigtails. Your partner will need an E.T. mask and a brown bodysuit and you’ll be set for this strange couple’s costume.

Bob Ross and his canvas - Dressing as the famous host of “The Joy of Painting” means you get to paint your partner who’s dressed up as the canvas. For Bob Ross, you can order this costume, or dress your partner in jeans and a blue button down with a ‘fro and beard. For the canvas, wear a piece of foam core and have your partner paint some happy little trees on you.

Samantha Baker and Jake Ryan from “Sixteen Candles” - You’ll need a bridesmaid’s dress from a thrift store or your mom’s closet and a flower crown to look like Sam at the end of the movie. Jake’s pretty vanilla, but have your man wear a plaid shirt tucked into jeans and his hair slicked back. And just like that you’re one of the best classic couples.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles - To dress up as the royal couple on their wedding day, you’ll need military garb for the prince and a wedding gown with the biggest puffy sleeves you can find. Add in an enormous bouquet and the look is complete.

Ferris Bueller and Sloane Peterson from “Ferris Bueller's Day Off” - For Ferris, you’ll need a military beret, a sweater vest and a pair of 80s men’s trousers from the secondhand store. Sloane needs some dress shorts, a pair of boots, and that white leather jacket with the fringe to win Halloween.

Nancy and Ronald Reagan - The President and his wife were so in love and always dressed up, so put Ronnie in a tux and throw Nancy in a 80s evening dress - red of course - and you’re good to go.

Source: Elite Daily

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