Oreo Releases Mystery Flavor

These days Oreos come in all kinds of flavors, from Waffles and Syrup to Swedish Fish. And it seems like they come out with new flavors before we’ve even had a chance to try the last one. But now America’s favorite sandwich cookie has outdone themselves by releasing the ultimate new variety: a mystery flavor.

The limited-edition mysterious cookie just hit stores yesterday and the all-white package doesn’t give any clues. The folks at the “TODAY” show say the cookies just look like regular Oreos, white filling with chocolate cookies. As for how they taste, hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb tried one and both thought it tasted like watermelon, but since there was a Watermelon flavor back in 2013, it’s unlikely Oreo repeated it.

Cookie maker Nabisco describes the mystery Oreos as the “newest, and spookiest, new limited-edition flavor,” which could be a sign the flavor is related to candy for Halloween. But you’ll want to get your hands on your own package of Mystery Oreos because they’re giving $50,000 to the person who guesses the right flavor. Submit your ideas to OreoMystery.com or by texting “MYSTERY” to 59526. Good Luck!

Source: TODAY

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