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What did Jason wait in line for 2 hours for?

While in Nashville Jason waited in line for 2 hours for chicken tenders from Hattie B's. He says it was totally worth it! (Hattie B's)


New York County To Punish Parents For Kids’ Bullying

It’s no secret that bullying is a big problem in this country, and one county in upstate New York thinks they’ve come up with a way to stop it – punish the parents.

At the beginning of the month a new law went into affect in the Niagara county of North Tonawanda, near Buffalo, that would have parents possibly facing jail time if their kid was caught bullying other minors. Under the law, parents of such bullies could be fined $250 and serve 15 days in jail if a child under 18 was caught violating it twice within 90 says. The law doesn’t only apply to bullying though. Parents will also be held accountable if their child is caught violating the city’s curfew.

Lawmakers are hoping that by holding parents accountable, instances of bullying will drop. The issue has become a big one in the area. Just recently four teens were kicked out of a local middle school because of bullying.

Source: New York Daily News


You Really Need To Toss Those Dry Cleaning Covers

After a long day at work and an even longer commute, sometimes it’s all we can do to hang up our dry cleaning in the closet before we crash on the couch. And for a lot of us, that means we’re sticking those freshly cleaned garments in there with the plastic cover from the cleaners still on.

While we might consider that plastic cover protective, it’s actually not meant to stay on the clothes for long. See, those dry cleaning sheathes trap moisture and dry cleaning gasses, which can discolor your clothes while creating the ideal environment for mold and mildew.

The kind of flimsy plastic used for dry cleaning bags can also cause yellowing and staining because of BHT, which forms a yellow pigment when it comes into contact with moisture. So wearing the clothes on a humid day or after a quick steam could do it.

That means we should be taking the time to take those dry cleaner bags off before we put our clothes back in the closet. After we paid all that money to get the clothes cleaned, we don’t want to ruin them while we’re storing them.

Source: PureWow

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