Signs You Need To Take A Mental Health Day


Growing up my parents always encouraged me to take a mental health day if I needed one. Now that I'm older I have to remind myself to do the same. Most Americans hoard their sick days until they’re forced to use one when they absolutely can’t drag their sickly body into the office. But those valuable sick days can also be used for a mental health day when your psychological and emotional health need some TLC. Some won’t admit when they feel stressed or anxious because they see it as a weakness, but taking a mental health day can give you more energy, help you manage stress, and boost productivity. Here are some signs you should give your brain a break ASAP.

  • You're exhausted and you can't sleep – When you overwork yourself mentally, it can lead to physical exhaustion. And when you’re not getting good sleep, your health takes a hit. Dealing with high stress levels all the time can lead to not being able to sleep even though you’re exhausted, so a day of catching up on rest can get you back on track.
  • You're more anxious than usual – If you’re feeling especially uneasy and can’t seem to shake it off or get back into your usual laid-back mood, a mental health day can help you relax and recharge.
  • You're feeling down in the dumps – A day of all play and no work can do wonders for your mood and help you reboot.
  • You're easily set off – We all snap from time to time, but when you’re always edgy and taking it out on loved ones, your frazzled nerves could use a break. Taking a day away from the stress could restore you and help you lose the irritability.
  • You keep getting sick – When you can’t shake the sniffles, it could be because you’re mentally burned out and taking a beat to rest and relax can boost your immune system.
  • You feel like you're in slow motion – We reach for coffee when we need to power through, but it can only takes us so far. It’s better to drink as much water as you can to hydrate and flush toxins, and stick to clean, healthy eating to stop feeling sluggish.

Source: Women’s Health Magazine

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