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Pizza Hut promises to deliver pizza 15 degrees hotter

There’s nothing worse than ordering a pizza and having it arrive to your house lukewarm or cold. Well, Pizza Hut is out to change that. The company is introducing a new delivery pizza pouch, made with 3M Thinsulate Insulation thermal technology, as well as a re-engineered pizza box with crisp sheet inserts, that promises to bring your pizza to your door 15-degrees hotter than in the past. The boxes also include thicker sides that will keep it hot, and keep it in place during delivery. Source: Yahoo Finance


Kittenfishing Is A New Dating Term And We’ve All Done It

It’s hard to keep up with all the dating buzzwords these days, but this new one raises an eyebrow because most of us are guilty of doing it. Kittenfishing is the new term used to describe a lighter version of catfishing – which is where you pretend to be a totally different person online. With this, it’s more like showing only an unrealistic, improved version of yourself.

Kittenfishing, or k-fishing as the youngins call it, can be the images you use, or shaving a few years off your age, or faking your interests and accomplishments. Psychologist Melissa Ferrari says most people who kittenfish don’t mean to be deceptive; they just want to give themselves the best odds in the modern dating world.

So if kittenfishing is just omitting things from your dating profile that make you less attractive to a potential date, or highlighting your best assets, practically everyone has done this. But even though a study found that 53% of participants lied on their dating profile, most don’t want to admit they’ve kittenfished.

The thing is, anyone who’s on a dating site has chosen their most flattering photos and life stats, so we’ve all tried kittenfishing. We just didn’t have a trendy term for it, to us it was just what you do to try to land a date.

Source: Whimn


Couple finds hidden camera disguised as smoke detector in Florida Airbnb

An Indiana couple was staying at an Airbnb in Longboat Key, Florida, when they made a scary discovery. They noticed a hole in the smoke detector in the bedroom and found out there was a hidden camera inside. They called the police who then arrest the home’s owner. He has since been charged with one count of video voyeurism. (Fox)

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