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Amazon has become a retail giant by being able to deliver almost anything to your front porch. This is a great convenience, but it’s not perfect because it’s actually pretty easy for thieves to steal stuff from your front porch – especially while you’re away from home.

With that in mind, Amazon has been trying to figure out ways to fight back against these "porch pirates" and make sure packages get safely into the right hands.

They’re trying two different things.

First, they’re dealing with a company that makes smart license plates for cars that feature a smartphone-enabled key-box. The delivery drivers would be able to use the key one time and deliver packages to your car’s trunk – and then, of course, lock everything up again before driving away.

Another technology they’re tinkering with is a smart doorbell that would allow delivery drivers access to your home. Again, it would be a one-time shot. The driver would open your front door, drop the package off and then lock everything up again before driving away.

Neither of these solutions is perfect, but they might just be better than leaving your stuff out in the open for crooks to nab. (Fortune)



The American Red Cross has collected millions of dollars in donations to help areas of Texas recover from Hurricane Harvey, and $53,000 of that money came from a very unlikely source.

More than 6,000 inmates in jails and rehabilitation centers across Texas have donated their commissary allowances to Hurricane Harvey relief. Most inmates donated about $8, but some donated hundreds.

The money they are generously donating is given to them by the prison system in order to buy things like personal hygiene products. (Dallas Morning News)


Man Steals Over $1 Million Worth Of Fajitas

Gilberto Escaramillo worked at the Cameron County Juvenile Justice Department for over 9 years. Recently he had to miss work for a doctor's appointment, the same day a delivery driver called the kitchen about having 800 pounds of fajitas to drop off. The driver was told that the juvenile department didn't serve the Tex-Mex food - but the driver said he'd been delivering it for nine years. Escaramillo was fired and after an investigation into the matter it was determined Escatamillo had stolen $1,251,578 of fajitas. Escaramilla was been arrested last week on a felony theft charge. (FoxNews)

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