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Woman Is Dating The Guy In The Photos Used To Catfish Her

It's rare, but it's possible: a catfishing story with a happy ending. Londoner Emma Perrier discovered that after six months of an online relationship, she was being catfished. 

The 33-year-old thought she was talking to 'Ronnie.' It turns out she was talking to 53-year-old Alan Stanley, who has a history of using fake photos to start online relationships. The man in "Ronnie's" photos was Turkish model Adem Guzel. 

Here's where the story gets crazy. Perrier continued her relationship with Stanley, but also contacted Guzel to let him know what the deal was and they started chatting. Eventually, Emma cut off contact with Alan and arranged to meet up with Adem. The model landed in London, and the two smooched at the airport. “Three minutes later," Adem says. "I felt like I [had known] her a long time."

Source: The Atlantic 


The Best Halloween Candy, According To Dentists

The weeks after Halloween must be a pretty busy time for dentists, with kids needing visits to repair all the damage all that sugar has done to their teeth. And while cavities are no fun for anyone, dentists aren’t suggesting you forbid kids from enjoying Halloween altogether. In fact, a survey by the American Dental Association finds that 76% of dentists actually give out candy on the holiday, although there are some candies they do prefer, and others they totally avoid.

Overall, chocolate seems to be the favorite trick of treating choice of dentists, mainly because kids can wash it off their teeth better than other treats. Chocolate also has some benefits, since it slows down bacteria that can cause tooth decay, although dark chocolate is preferred because it contains less sugar.

As for candy dentists stay away from, hard candy is the worst because it’s pure sugar that kids suck on for a long time so all that sugar stays in the mouth. What’s more, it’s easy to break a tooth if a kid tries to bite down on it. Other candies that get a thumbs down from dentists include gummy candy, because it clings to the teeth, caramel, which is sticky and harder to remove, and sour candy, which is acidic, and the acids help bacteria, and also change the PH of the mouth.

Source: Today


Who Does KFC Follow On Twitter?

KFC only follows 11 people on Twitter. The lucky 11 are the five Spice Girls and six guys named Herb. (

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