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If you have trouble getting going in the morning, you may want to skip your morning shower.

No, really. While a cold shower will definitely wake you up, most of us don’t take cold showers. So that means you’re probably taking a hot shower … and that’s the issue. That hot shower is telling your nervous system that it’s time for your muscles to relax and your heart rate to slow down. So instead of energizing you, that hot shower is making you calm, relaxed, and sleepy. (Men’s Health)


Man gets fined for singing too loud

Canada seems like a pretty laid back place but not if you have a thing for C+C Music Factory. A man in Montreal was pulled over by police and asked if he was screaming. The driver, 38-year-old Taoufik Moalla, explained that he had actually been singing "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" by C+C Music Factory. The cop then issued a $118 ticket for "screaming in a public place." No word on if this means Moalla will leave the music off in the car from here on out. Source: BBC


People Aren’t Happy About This Baby Onesie

There’s a baby onesie for sale on eBay right now that’s raising a lot of eyebrows from concerned parents. The outfit is pink and white and reads: “Sorry boys no dates till I’m 30! Says my Daddy.” Seems innocent enough to some, but others are calling it “disgusting” and “awful.”

So why are people so upset by it? When a photo of the onesie was shared on the

Family Break Finder Facebook page, shoppers shared their outrage. Social media users claim the outfit is an early example of girls being ‘denied their autonomy” by men. A user writes “so many things about this are disturbing,” and another adds “this stuff makes me so angry.”

“This is hideous,” one Facebook user writes. “Why don’t you trust your daughters to do what’s best for them instead of having yet another man denying them autonomy?”

Not everyone had a problem with the baby outfit and some say they even want to buy one for their kid. But there was a lot more outrage than support for this infant clothing.

Source: Daily Mail

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